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Nurse Navigation

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You can imagine how you might feel if you learned you had cancer. From that point forward, the amount of information you need to know and the decisions you must make exceed what most people can handle. That’s why the compassionate team at Choice Cancer Care offers a service called nurse navigation. They provide a nurse to navigate your oncology journey and ensure you have comprehensive support for all your needs. To learn more about nurse navigators, call one of the offices in Plano, Lewisville, Irving, or Southlake, Texas, or book an appointment online today.

Nurse Navigation Q & A

What is nurse navigation?

A nurse navigator guides cancer patients and their families through the health care system. After a cancer diagnosis, you and your loved ones suddenly face a daunting array of unfamiliar terminology, complex information, diagnostic testing, medical specialists, and life-changing decisions.

Your nurse navigator helps you understand and cope with all those challenges and more. They support you every step of the way, throughout your treatment and as you enter survivorship.

What services will I receive through nurse navigation?

The most important role of your nurse navigator is to serve as your advocate. They ensure your care is fully coordinated with all the professionals in your cancer team and offer these essential services:

Explain about your condition and treatment

Nurse navigators answer any questions you might have about your cancer. They explain the phases of your treatment, what to expect, and potential side effects. They teach you about your medications, give you self care tips, and create nutrition plans to support your health and healing.

Your nurse navigator acts as a liaison between you and those you interact with, from consulting doctors to family members. Their overriding goal is to make sure you have and understand all the information needed to make the best medical choices.

Remove barriers to care

No matter what problems or roadblocks you encounter, your nurse navigator is there to find solutions and make sure you can receive the treatment you need. 

They help you schedule appointments, resolve insurance and financial issues, coordinate services with other providers, and arrange transportation, lodging, and childcare during your treatment.

Find the resources you need

Throughout your treatment and recovery, you will need many different services and community resources. Your nurse navigator coordinates your care with other doctors and connects you with community support groups, exercise programs, dietitians, and in-home caregivers. They help you find medical equipment and personal care, such as a place to get a wig.

Does nurse navigation help with survivorship care?

Your nurse navigator helps you survive well during your treatment. They also work with you to create your post-treatment survivorship care plan. 

This plan includes recognizing late side effects from your treatment, cancer screening recommendations, and lifestyle plans to prevent cancer. 

You can depend on nurse navigation at Choice Cancer Care. To learn more about their services, call or book an appointment online today.