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Immunotherapy harnesses the power of naturally occurring products to help your body fight off cancer. The board-certified oncologists at Choice Cancer Care use immunotherapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. At their locations in Plano, Lewisville, Irving, and Southlake, Texas, the team delivers advanced approaches as T-cell transfer therapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, and monoclonal antibodies. You can benefit from their immunotherapy expertise by calling the location nearest you or scheduling a consultation online today.

Immunotherapy Q & A

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a treatment for cancer that uses substances obtained from living organisms to boost your immune system.

The lymph system organs and tissues, plus white blood cells, make up your immune system. One of the immune system's roles is identifying cancer with special cells called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs).

Having TILs in the tumor and surrounding tissues is a sign that your immune system is responding to the presence of cancer cells. When TILs are active, patients typically have better outcomes, but your immune system can't always destroy cancer cells.

The abnormal cells can defend themselves by using genetic camouflage, activating proteins that switch off your immune cells, or affecting normal cells nearby to interfere with your immune system's response. 

Immunotherapy provides your immune system with ways of tackling these issues, so it's more effective in fighting cancer.

What forms of immunotherapy are available?

There are several forms of immunotherapy, including:

T-cell transfer therapy

T-cell transfer therapy involves extracting immune cells from the tumor and finding the most active anti-cancer cells. Laboratories can grow these cells, some of which they might also alter to make them more effective. The Choice Cancer Care team then injects the cells into your body.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors

This type of immunotherapy uses medications that block immune checkpoints. 

These checkpoints are there to stop your immune system from mounting too vigorous a response. However, with cancer, you need extra potency, and blocking the checkpoints with inhibitors allows your immune system to attack it more aggressively.

Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are artificial proteins that can bind to cancer cells. They mark the cells, so it’s easier for your immune system to identify cancers and destroy them. 

What happens when I have immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy treatment comes in various forms. You might take a pill or capsule, or rub cream into your skin. Intravenous (IV) immunotherapy drugs go directly into your bloodstream, while intravesical immunotherapy medication goes into your bladder.

The type of immunotherapy you receive and the treatment method depend on what kind of cancer you have and the other types of therapies you're receiving.

To find out more about immunotherapy and how it could help you or your loved ones, call Choice Cancer Care, or book an appointment online today.