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Save Your Hair During Chemo


We offer the Chemo Cold Caps Solution for patients seeking to save their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. The Chemotherapy Cold Caps program can be accessed at any of our North Texas clinics.

At Choice Cancer Care we know that being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most frightening times in a person’s life. Choosing the right oncologist and treatment choices is difficult enough. For most, the added trauma of losing their hair during chemotherapy is an added burden that you are forced to bear on the journey to becoming cancer free. Our partnership with Chemotherapy Cold Caps gives us the ability to offer a program to help alleviate hair loss during your cancer journey.

We feel strongly about helping any way that we can – Chemotherapy Cold Caps helps us to deliver yet another satisfying option to our patients during a difficult time.

More info about the program can be found at the following link: Choice Cancer Care Offers Chemo Cold Caps

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