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BSGI (Breast-specific Gamma Imaging)


Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) is a molecular breast imaging procedure that shows the metabolic activity of breast lesions. While mammography results show the difference in appearance between normal and suspicious breast tissue, BSGI results are based on how cancerous cells function. BSGI is effective in the detection of cancers not found on mammograms or by clinical exam, according to a study discussed at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The high resolution gamma camera is optimized to reveal images that help doctors manage difficult to diagnose cases. It can help us detect additional lesions of all types of breast cancer in women whose mammograms show only one suspicious lesion.

Most experts agree that the best way to decrease breast cancer mortality is through early detection using mammography and clinical breast exam. However, some cancers are difficult to detect with just a mammography and clinical exam, particularly in the earliest stage when treatment is most effective.

BSGI has been performed on more than 80,000 patients in both hospitals and private imaging centers across the country.

The Procedure

A small amount of tracing agent is delivered to the patient through an injection, and is absorbed by all cells in the body. The tracing agent emits invisible gamma rays, which are detected and translated into a digital image of the breast. Because cancer cells have a higher rate of metabolic activity, these cells absorb a greater amount of the tracing agent and are revealed as “dark spots.”Other tests, such mammography and ultrasound, image the physical structure of the breast. BSGI captures the actual cellular function of the breast tissue.

BSGI is a helpful tool following an uncertain mammogram, when additional evaluation is needed and particularly when patients have:

 dense breast tissue

 multiple indeterminate or suspicious lesions or clusters of microcalcifications

 lesions that can be felt, but not detected with mammography or ultrasound

 post-surgical or post-therapeutic densities


 been taking Hormone Replacement Therapy

The BSGI procedure is performed on-site at the Las Colinas Cancer Center. You will get peace of mind by receiving the information you need.

Advantages for BSGI

 Can find cancers missed by mammography and ultrasound

 Tests are performed right in our office

 BSGI delivers very accurate results

 BSGI may help prevent the need for short term follow up for some patients

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