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Radiation Therapy With IMRT


Radiation Therapy with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) combines extremely precise tumor imaging techniques with delivery of hundreds of thin beams of radiation to the exact tumor location in three-dimensional patterns from any angle. Results are precise control of radiation delivery, reduced radiation dosages, declining complication rates, and fewer side effects. This technology has raised the bar in radiation therapy nationwide. This service is available at both Las Colinas Cancer Center and North Texas Cancer Center of Wise.

Choice Cancer Care’s Medical Team delivers state-of-the-art treatments using cutting edge Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator technology. The Trilogy system delivers a broad range of cancer treatments while providing the ability to streamline procedures while ensuring versatility, potency and precision.

Trilogy is capable of administering higher dose rates than other available technology, which results in shorter sessions and faster patient treatment times without compromising results. This technology enables patients to be repositioned quickly, accurately and comfortably while offering a finely tuned beam isocenter that enables precise setup and imaging. The system’s robotic onboard imager enables clinicians to readily see what they are treating with a high-degree of precision and confidence.

This advanced system also offers advanced motion management capabilities, which makes treating moving tumors a more precise science, as well. The system’s gated RapidArc uses an RPM system to enable instant monitoring and adjustment for tumor motion to ensure the proper dose is delivered to the precise location.

For patients, Trilogy delivers a comfortable, relatively fast experience along with such benefits as:

• The ability to deliver a higher dose rate for shorter sessions

• Faster overall treatment times

• Tight isocenter alignments that enable clinicians to target even the smallest lesions

• Rapid onboard imaging that repositions patients quickly and accurately for the maximum effectiveness of treatments

• Cone-Beam CT that enables fine tuning of patient placement courtesy of precise CT scans.

Choice Cancer Care is dedicated to providing patients access to cutting-edge technology to make their treatments as effective as possible. To learn more about radiation therapy with IMRT and if it’s a viable option in your particular case, be sure to discuss this technology with your oncologist.

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