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Pet/Ct Scanner


PET/CT Scanner

When cancer is suspected or has already been diagnosed and treatments are under way, having a clear understanding of just what is happening inside the body is important for guiding care decisions. A PET/CT scanner is a diagnostic tool that enables doctors to gain this understanding in a non-invasive manner.

At our Las Colinas location, patients will find a PET/CT scanner available onsite for their convenience. Under the management of our radiology associates, this cutting-edge diagnostic tool enables our physicians to gain a clearer picture of just what is going on inside the body. Courtesy of its onsite location, our patients gain the benefit of being able to schedule appointments easily while ensuring they can have this testing performed in a location that is both convenient and familiar to them.

Understanding the PET/CT Scan

This advanced nuclear imaging tool combines the benefits of positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) into a single machine. The resulting images deliver more information about the function and structure of the body’s cells and tissues in a single procedure. Those images enable clinicians to detect many forms of cancer, gain a better understanding of tumor size and location and even better gauge if treatments are working to shrink tumors.

During the procedure, a tracer dye used to ensure the tissues or organs being examined show up clearly on the resulting images. A person undergoing this test will generally lie down on a flat table that is then slid into a long, tunnel-like scanner. The combination PET/CT scan gives doctors the ability to “see” inside the body to detect cells that are damaged or cancerous. The procedure is also helpful for grading cancer should it be detected while also offering a number of other practical uses when a detailed look inside the body is required.

The combination PET/CT scan essentially provides more information about the body’s anatomy and function while offering patients the convenience of rolling two testing procedures into one. The procedure itself is painless and only takes a short time to offer insights that can prove crucial for diagnosis and treatment.

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