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Technology & Treatments


At Choice Cancer Care, one of our top priorities is offering the most up-to-date and advanced technological treatment options. With this huge value placed on advanced therapies, we invest in the most trusted hardware and software in the market. We believe that our approach should be comprehensive, complete and convenient to access for all patients. That is why our outpatient centers offer comprehensive cancer treatment programs that assist our staff in detection, prevention, treatment, and research.

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 PET/CT Scanner

 Radiation Therapy with IGRT

 Radiation Therapy with IMRT


 SpaceOARĀ® Hydrogel

 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

 Treatment By Cancer Type

 Breast Cancer Treatment

 Colon Cancer Treatment

 Lung Cancer Treatment

 Other Cancers

 Prostate Cancer Treatment

 Skin Cancer


 BSGI (Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging)


 Clinical Trials

 Expanded Access Program

 Hidden ScarĀ® Breast Cancer Surgery

 Hormonal Treatment

 Integrative Treatments

 Mammosite Therapy

 Prostate Seed Implant Therapy

 Radiation Oncology

 Recurrent & Advanced


 VA Cancer Treatment

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