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Choice Cancer Care in Las Colinas has passed the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s survey. NCQA developed the Oncology Medical Home Recognition program for oncology practices. The Center received the Oncology Medical Home Recognition which evolved from NCQA’s Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Recognition program, which helps facilitate team-based care by recognizing specialists who use the PCMH model to improve collaboration and health care delivery. Through the evaluation process, all of our locations received a level three recognition, which is the highest level offered.


NCQA Recognition programs are specifically developed using evidence-based standards. The process of receiving recognition begins when a facility self-evaluates based on NCQA standards and applies any changes that need to be made to meet these standards. After this transformation, the facility submits evidence of the changes made, using the NCQA survey. This survey is then evaluated by NCQA and, if the standards are met, the facility receives recognition. The levels of recognition are determined based upon the degree to which the facility meets the standards.

The recognition programs aim to allow patients, employers, and health plans to make well-informed quality-based decisions, when it comes to healthcare. All practices and clinicians that participate must be committed to delivering quality health care that is based upon the most up-to-date protocols.


The Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Recognition Program was first released in March of 2013. The program works to determine that a practice site is committed to providing clear communication, access, and coordinated care for its patients. Passing the survey and meeting the program’s standards provides a three-year recognition.

The PCSP standards are divided into 6 categories: track and coordinate referrals, provide access and communication, identify and coordinate patient populations, plan and manage care, track and coordinate care, and measure and improve performance. These standards are the foundation of Oncology Medical Home Recognition. Although oncology practices can earn PCSP Recognition, the Oncology Medical Home program addresses the extra steps involved in using a patient-centered approach to treat patients with cancer. Practices that earn Oncology Medical Home Recognition also earn a PCSP seal.

On the NCQA website, the Committee explains what the PCSP Recognition truly means about a facility:

“Practices that become recognized will demonstrate patient-centered care and clinical quality through: streamlined referral processes and care coordination with referring clinicians, timely patient and caregiver-focused care management and continuous clinical quality improvement.”


The National Committee for Quality Assurance was founded in 1990 and aims to constantly improve quality within the healthcare field. According to the Committee’s website, their mission is “to improve the quality of health care.” The Committee does this through many different recognition, accreditation, certification, and other distinction programs. These distinctions aim to motivate quality-improvement, while also providing both patients and health plans to make the best possible choices when it comes to health care. To learn more about NCQA, visit

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