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Plano, Tx


The Choice Cancer Care office that is located in Plano, TX is bringing world-class care to a location convenient to those in the Plano, Carrollton, Addison, Allen, Frisco, & McKinney areas – eliminating the need for many patients to travel long distances for treatments that sometimes have to take place on a daily basis for a period of time.

Choice Cancer Care – Plano delivers a variety of services in-house to ensure patients receive the treatments they need in an environment that’s comfortable and welcoming. Chemotherapy involves the use of powerful cancer-killing drugs that are administered in controlled cycles to balance disease-fighting effectiveness with potential side effects. Depending on the type of cancer and a patient’s particular case, this form of therapy may involve oral medication or infusion therapy. If the latter is selected by a physician as the best course of action, chemotherapy drugs will be infused in to the body intravenously using an infusion pump to enable direct access to the blood stream. Choice Cancer Care is pleased to offer these options in house for patient convenience and comfort both.

The office’s convenient location and state-of-the art equipment and services combine with its dedicated staff to ensure patients will receive the best in care without having to go out of their way to obtain it. Our board certified medical oncology physicians Dr. Aena Patel and Dr. Neelema Pinnapureddy along with our experienced and trained medical staff offer patients access to top-notch oncology care for breast, colon and all other cancers in a comfortable environment.

“Giving patients a choice and personalized care for their treatment is our mission and vision.”

Choice Cancer Care Plano
1600 Coit Rd, Suite 408
Plano, Texas 75075
Phone: 214.379.2700

Fax: 972.492.1310

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