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Pet-CT Las Colinas Imaging Center


Our pledge to patients and physicians begins with providing the most state-of-the-art diagnostic technology through our PET/CT imaging. When healthcare providers need more detailed information about what’s going on inside the body without requiring that they actually go into the body, this unique combination test can deliver the results needed. A PET/CT scan combines two powerful imaging procedures into one, providing an in-depth look inside the body from the outside..

PET/CT scans are diagnostic tools that simultaneously perform these two tests to deliver highly detailed information. Often used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, this combination test can detect and stage cancer at the same time. The PET scan provides information about the metabolic activity of cancer cells while the CT scan provides a detailed image of cancerous structures within the body. The resulting images can confirm or deny cancer’s presence while offering insights on stage, aggressiveness, location and size should a tumor be found.

While applications for PET/CT scans go well beyond cancer, the tool is considered invaluable to oncologists and other cancer care professionals. Since treatment recommendations are often developed based on the results of such diagnostic procedures, the combination test enables clinicians to move forward with a higher degree of confidence. The test is also highly useful for gauging the effectiveness of treatments once they have begun.

Our imaging center is located conveniently within the Las Colinas Cancer Center.

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