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Tips For Preventing Breast Cancer

While genetic mutations and other unchangeable factors may be the causes behind some of the 252,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed each year in the U.S., lifestyle factors may also play a role. With that in mind, women who would like to lower their risks of developing this condition will find there are meaningful measures they can take.

Women who are hoping to lower their breast cancer odds will find simple modifications to their routines can make a very big difference while also promoting better overall health. Some of the steps women can take include:

 Tackling obesity – The link between obesity and breast cancer is well established. Women, especially after menopause, will find maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best preventative measures they can take. Since obesity is also linked to a very long list of other health conditions, getting and keeping weight is check is simply a great move to make to improve and safeguard health in general.

 Avoiding alcohol overuse/abuse – While the jury is still somewhat out on this, the evidence is mounting. It is recommended that women limit their alcohol consumption to very moderate levels to limit their breast cancer risks. Since alcohol also tends to be high in calorie, keeping consumption levels down may also help address obesity concerns, as well.

 Getting physical – Working exercise into the routine can promote better health while also potentially lowering risks for breast cancer.

 Eating right – A well-balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables promotes a healthy weight and may improve health in general. In doing so, a sound diet may also help lower breast cancer risks and risks for other serious medical concerns.

Not every case of breast cancer can be prevented, but many can. Women who wish to lower their risk factors are likely to find that simple measures that safeguard health can go a long way.

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