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The Different Options For Skin Cancer Treatment In Texas

In most cases skin cancers detected early can be cured before they can grow. Unfortunately, melanoma that has grown and spread to other regions of the body presents a huge treatment challenge. There are various effective methods of eradicating the skin cancer cells. When choosing the right treatment option, the doctor will consider the patient’s age, general health, the tumor’s size, type, location, and depth of penetration. Here are some of the common treatment methods of skin cancer:

 Mohs Micrographic Surgery-A physician who trained in the field of Mohs surgery uses a scalpel to remove the visible tumor plus a thin layer of the surrounding tissue. The thin layer is sectioned, frozen with liquid nitrogen, mapped and stained before examining it under a microscope. If the cancer is still present, the physician repeats the procedure to the surrounding areas until the last tissue checked under the microscope has no cancer cells.

 Radiation-With the radiation method, cutting isn’t necessary; X-ray beams are directed to the tumor. The treatment is administered several times a week to destroy the tumor, and sometimes it’s administered daily for a month. This method reduces the damage to the nearby tissues, and it’s used where surgery is impossible. However, the method is time-consuming for the patient and has radiation risks in the long run.

 Photodynamic Therapy -This treatment method is efficient for growths on the surface of the scalp. The physician applies an ointment containing topical 5-aminolevulinic acid to the growth, and the abnormal cells soak it up. A strong light is used to activate the medicated areas after several hours. The treatment selectively damages the cancer cells and causes little damage to the surrounding tissues. The common side effects of this treatment are swelling and redness. Other treatment methods include radiation therapy, biological therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and many others.

To know the right treatment method for you, you should first get in touch with a doctor for diagnosis.

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