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Targeted Therapies May Help Overcome Tumor Resistance

Medical science has come a very long way in treating different forms of cancer. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and other treatments are now often highly successful in treating and beating various forms of this disease. Some tumors, however, are resistant to treatments provided. Researchers believe they may have found a way to tackle this concern in some cases. Combination therapies that have the ability to work on different targets at the same time are proving effective in minimizing drug resistance.

Stereotactic body radiation therapy, or SBRT, is proving itself especially helpful in working with other therapies to overcome drug resistance. This form of radiation involves the delivery of a high dose of radiation to a precisely targeted part of the body. Considered highly targeted in its delivery, this form of treatment works well with others to fight drug resistant forms of cancer. A number of studies, in fact, are under way to better understand the best combinations of drugs to use in conjunction with radiation for different forms of cancer.

While combination therapies are not always required to treat cancer, SBRT can be an important plank in the overall treatment plan for a variety of tumors. When indicated, combination therapies can help treat cancer while helping patients maintain as high a quality of life as possible.

People who are diagnosed with cancer are urged to speak with their healthcare providers about the treatment options available to them. The best course of action will depend on the specific form of cancer involved, the stage of the disease and the tumor size, among other factors.

Cancer is a concern for nearly everyone. To find out more about preventing the disease, it is recommended people speak with their doctors about personal risk factors. Understanding risks and addressing those that can be can help keep cancer at bay.

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