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Success In The Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer

The month of November is global Pancreatic cancer awareness month. You can tell from the conspicuous purple colored theme.Many websites, oncology hospitals, and wellness centers have been branded with purple to help with awareness. The month began to be marked as a pancreatic cancer awareness month in the UK in 2011.

This year, November 19th, is being celebrated as a pancreatic cancer awareness day. It is the month to create awareness of the disease, its symptoms, and the treatment options available. It’s also a time to hail those who have fought against this disease and overcome and offer them our support and love.

The fight against pancreatic cancer has made many meaningful gains, some of which include:

 Tobacco use was discovered to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer in 1974

 Chemotherapy and radiation treatments were used to treat patients with positive results in 1981 and as adjuvant therapy in 1985

 In 1993 there was scientific therapy in imaging techniques to detect pancreatic cancer

 There was the first targeted drug approval for pancreatic cancer in 2005

 Mapping of the pancreatic cancer genome in 2008

 Increased survival for resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma with use of a modified adjuvant noted in 2018

Another major feat has been the progress made in the testing of diabetes, which means that for a small number of pancreatic cases, doctors can identify it as a result of cancer and allow for early detection and treatment. There is also ongoing research in identifying critical markers of pancreatic cancer, which would inform those with predisposing hereditary genes to seek early screening.

While these gains and the efforts being put towards eradicating the disease are to be feted, it is equally essential for us to take precautionary measures. These are early screening, maintaining healthy body weight, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking. After all, prevention is better than cure.


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