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Radiation Therapy Is One Of The Best Treatments For Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that a person has witnessed. Cancer starts with damage to DNA, the material that contains the instructions for every chemical process in our body, including the rate of cellular growth. According to the world health organization, one out of four men and one out of three women are prone to get this killer disease. Smoking, drinking, radiation exposure, asbestos exposure and radon gas are the most common things than can cause cancer.

Cancer can be treated through radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is the most common treatment used to treat cancer patients. Doctors and patients can choose many available options for treatment. Radiation therapy is a form of cancer treatment that helps prevent the further spreading of tumors and also reduces the size of inoperable tumors. While using radiation therapy, a high energy beam will be focused on the area affected by cancer. This beam has the ability to damage the DNA of the cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is administered to the patient for an average period of six weeks on a daily basis. This treatment is painless and lasts only for a few minutes in each treatment. Radiation therapists work together with the oncology team to attend to cancer patients requiring radiation therapy. The reputable treatment centers for cancer treatment can be found on the internet easily.

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