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Ora Oncology and Choice Cancer Care

Leading cancer center network, Choice Cancer Care has launched its Virtual Oncology Clinic in partnership with ORA Oncology –value-based cancer care that is centered on patient’s needs with compassion.

With clinics straddling Northern Texas, Choice Cancer Care is an independent physician-operated team of independent cancer care specialists – from oncologists to radiation experts, from skilled nursing teams to physicists, dosimetrists, radiation technologists and infusion specialists – who focus on developing personalized cancer treatment plans.

ORA and it’s Virtual Clinic platform is the first initiative of its kind that is purpose-built to place the patient’s needs first, produce better outcomes, and create a sustainable financial future.

Based in north Texas, the Choice Cancer Care centers are bringing world-class care to cancer patients in places such as Plano, Las Colinas, Wise County, Southlake and Lewisville/Flower Mound, thus eliminating the need for patients to travel long distances for treatment.

Pioneering Simplicity

Choice Cancer Care and ORA are pioneering simplicity in a complex cancer environment. The assembly of top community oncologists is an outstanding accomplishment that supports patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

ORA is teaming up with health planners to ensure cancer funds are effectively used and that treatment is focused on outcomes that matter the most.

In-House Services

Choice Cancer Care offers various in-house palliative services to ensure cancer patients receive the treatments they need in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Depending on the type of cancer and the patient’s specific case, cancer treatment may include a specific treatment method or a combination of various options. Choice Cancer Care is happy to offer these alternatives in-house for both comfort and patient convenience.

Around the Clock Virtual Care

ORA and Choice Cancer Care’s Virtual Oncology Clinic is available with well-trained staff built to extend care beyond the office.This new connected care platform, which utilizes direct integrations into EHRs, grants our network of oncologists a new level of insight into their patient population.

Comprehensive care management, applied data and analytics, and a robust reporting system deliver real-time information and trends to assist doctors in offering the best care with ORA and Choice Cancer Care.

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