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Most Cancers Are Not Accidental, Study Finds

A recent study that concluded a large percentage of cancers develop largely due to bad luck has been answered by another research project that disputes those findings. While luck-of-the-draw related to random mutations does account for some cancers, the most recent study says that behaviors and environmental toxins play a much larger role.

For those looking for ways to prevent cancer, the latest study is very good news. If the majority of cancers are, in fact, caused by external factors and not random mutations, that means prevention is possible. Although no amount of prevention may help if a mutation does occur, the reality, researchers say, is that smart measures can significantly decrease risks.

People who want to take charge to lower their cancer risks can help themselves by taking these steps:

 Eating right – Studies have shown that a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help cut risks for certain forms of cancer rather dramatically.

 Exercising – A lack of exercise has been attributed to a number of health problems, some cancers included.

 Refraining from tobacco use – Smoking and use of other tobacco products can greatly increase cancer risk. Cut that risk by working with a healthcare provider to kick the habit.

 Maintaining a healthy weight – There is a strong link between obesity and certain forms of cancer. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can cut this risk while helping improve overall health.

 Avoiding environmental hazards – Certain workplace and environmental hazards may also contribute to cancer development. Avoid the risks whenever possible by following workplace and chemical safety guidelines.

People who are concerned about cancer are urged to discuss their risks with a healthcare provider. A personal physician can offer in-depth insights about risks, behaviors to change and steps that can make adjusting lifestyle a little bit easier. While not all cancer cases are 100 percent preventable, many are. Taking action can greatly lower personal cancer risks.

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