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Monthly Program For Early Detection Lung Screening

One recently published study by The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) has shown that Low Dose CT Screening can effectively detect Lung Cancer. Earlier detection leads to an earlier treatment option, which extends lives, and even provides a cure in some cases. Early detection is extremely important and has shown a marked increase in the success rate regarding the treatment of cancer. Choice Cancer Care will hold screening sessions one Saturday a month at their Las Colinas location. The screening is valued at $300 but for a limited time the cost is just $30. The next screening will take place at the Las Colinas Cancer Center on October 8th – 9AM to 2PM.

Las Colinas Cancer Center urges all current and past smokers in the 50-75 year old range to take control of their health and call today for a screening. Early detection is extremely important and has shown a marked increase in the success rate regarding the treatment of lung cancer.

The results from the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) are very encouraging, and make sense when viewed in conjunction with other recent lung cancer trials. For example, we have learned from previous trials that screening detects lung cancer at an earlier stage. We also know that more aggressive (adjuvant) treatments of early stage lung cancer has increased the chance of a cure with some patients. This trial brings both pieces of information together, and will allow us to make the future brighter for some past and current smokers.

This screening could save lives. We offer a variety of services within our clinics and detail these services in a helpful and educational way. Please make the choice for a longer and healthier life and call Choice Cancer Care today to schedule an appointment at: 214.379.2734

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