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Integrative Cancer Care And Treatment


Integrative cancer care and treatment in Texas integrates alternative medicine therapies with those practiced by mainstream medical providers. Alternative medicine includes any of the various healing systems for treating diseases which traditional medical school curricula do not teach. Each oncology patient is unique. Each has specific needs that integrative cancer care addresses on an individual basis. Integrative cancer care and treatment in Texas is as unique as the individual cancer patient him or herself.

Mainstream medicinal procedures

Mainstream cancer-fighting treatments in traditional medicine include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Radiation Oncology

 Prostate Seed Therapy



 Mammosite Therapy

 Hormonal Treatment

Alternative medicinal procedures

While alternative cancer treatments are never a substitute for the medical cancer treatments above, when the two are combined, they provide optimal healing power for the cancer patient. Alternative therapies include:

 Homeopathic remedies

 Chiropractic Care



 Faith Healing

 And more …

What happens when mainstream meets alternative?

Ideally, the growth of cancer will either be slowed down considerably or, preferably, eradicated entirely. And the patient will feel better while going through the more rigorous mainstream medical procedures. How does the patient feel better during the process?

 Symptoms of stress are alleviated

 More restful sleep is restored

 Less pain is felt

 Less anxiety is endured

 Less nausea

 And more …

A patient’s journey with cancer may be influenced by many factors. These include the patient’s comprehensive condition, the specific details of each patient’s cancer, and what the goals of treatment are.

Good cancer doctors work closely with patients to determine the proper balance between medical cancer treatments and alternative cancer treatments. Great oncologists cure or considerably slow down the growth of cancer while simultaneously helping the patient to live well during treatment. Some patients have even stated that they feel joyful going through the comprehensive treatment plan designed for them by their team of oncologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, yoga teachers, chiropractors, and others. For residents of Texas, doctors who adhere to a holistic approach are not hard to find.

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