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Immunotherapy And How It Can Help Treat Breast Cancer

When it comes to cancer treatments, they are ever changing and improving. Recently, a new study that has many researchers excited has begun, which is known as immunotherapy. What is immunotherapy? This is an important question to learn before making the decision to go this route.

This treatment helps the body’s immune system to fight cancer. It has the potential to work by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells or by preventing cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. The goal is to give the immune system the ability to destroy the cancer as soon as possible.

Learning the Basics

How exactly is immunotherapy used to treat breast cancer, though? The first step is to talk to an oncologist so that the right treatment plan is used.

 How is it administered? It all depends on the drug that is being used, but it can be injected or applied topically. It is essential that this takes place in the outpatient unit of a trusted cancer treatment center. Depending on how aggressive the cancer is, it will depend on how long the treatments must continue.

 What kind of side effects? Like all drugs, the side effects depend on the person and their sensitivities. The most common reactions are skin-related, especially at the injection site. There is also the possibility of having flu-like symptoms.

Understanding is Important

Before making a major decision about immunotherapy, it is important to talk to the oncologist. They will be able to direct the patient towards the kind of treatment plan that is more likely to benefit and not harm. Therefore, the proper amount of research and understanding is imperative.

There is no guarantee that immunotherapy will work, but if the patient is willing to try it, then it is highly encouraged by most doctors at this time. 

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