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How To Enjoy Your Summer Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s almost three months of lockdowns, curfews, wearing masks, and social distancing restrictions after COVID-19, and your urge to step out and have fun this summer keeps growing.

But still, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a threat to your health, especially if you are a cancer patient or caregiver. But how can you balance between your desire for a holiday break and staying safe from the effects of coronavirus?

According to infectious diseases and infection control experts and clinical psychologists, you should follow all the COVID-19 guidelines to the letter. This will help everyone stay safe and avoid any risks until a vaccine or effective treatment for the disease is found.

However, the experts agree that you can take a road trip with only those family members from your household. But you should not to take any cruises or air trips, especially if you are immunocompromised.

Interacting with people who are not from your immediate household can put you at risk, so you should abstain from doing so at the moment. If you do organize small outdoor events such as barbeques, be sure everyone practices social distancing and wears a mask.

For every socially distant outdoor gathering you organize, make sure the guests put on their masks all the time. Kissing, hugging, or close contact with people who are not from your household is not allowed. As an immunocompromised patient, you should be very cautious with whoever you interact with because of your vulnerability to COVID-19 infection.

If you are planning to get-away, a beach house or isolated dwellings are more recommendable than a hotel. With fewer people around you, your risk of infection is minimal. Just ensure that you disinfect and wipe down surfaces in all the rooms before settling in.

In case you have to use public toilets, make sure they are not overcrowded before going in. Wash your hands thoroughly after using one.

For outdoor venues such as pools and beaches, it is okay to go, as long as you maintain social distancing. What you should be cautious about is the number of people around you and their proximity to you.

Under the circumstances, experts still recommend staying safe at home while spending time outside doing simple activities such as taking a walk around your property, being on the patio, gardening, bird watching, getting some sunshine, and more to help reduce depression and anxiety.

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