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Help! I Need A Cancer Physician In Texas

You have just been told you have cancer. Your emotions are running in all directions and you may not know what to do. Questions start flowing through your brain. The biggest one may be: What cancer physician in Texas do I need to begin seeing for treatment?

Take a deep breath as we go through the steps to finding a cancer physician in Texas.


The first step is to talk with your family doctor. If he/she is the physician who diagnosed you, then most likely they are going to know who you should see. Ask them for advice and references. Gather two to three names to consider. General practitioners in Texas are going to be familiar with cancer physicians (oncologists) in your area.

Speak with Cancer Survivors

There are cancer survivors and patients all around us. Cancer is so prominent today that there are few people who have not been touched by this disease. If you know someone, talk with them about who their physician was or is. This step will give you firsthand knowledge about cancer physicians in Texas and how their patients feel about them. A bonus to this step is the encouragement and support from knowing others who are facing the same disease that you are.

Helpful Directories

It is important to note that there are excellent directories which can be accessed online to help you decide on the best cancer physician in Texas for you. The National Cancer Institute and the Commission on Cancer are two nationally known organizations focused on the care of cancer patients and research. These organizations will have a directory for you to browse and learn about available cancer physicians in Texas and credentials of the hospital with which they are affiliated.

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