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Finding The Right Cancer Doctor

Cancer is curable if it is detected early. However, for successful treatment of the disease, you have to find a skilled and experienced doctor. Usually we only look at the educational qualifications of a doctor before we decide to make an appointment, but this is not sufficient in the case of a cancer doctor. Of course, a doctor who is going to treat a cancer patient has to be certified and licensed, but apart from this there are many more qualities that he or she needs to possess. Traditional cancer treatments include procedures like surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, cryosurgery, hormonal therapy etc.

Most cancer treatments can be painful, and this is why it is the job of a cancer doctor to help prepare their patient mentally and emotionally for treatment. A cancer patient requires a lot of hand holding and empathy during their treatment and the doctor should be able to provide this. The doctor should be sensitive enough to understand what their patient might be feeling. Cancer treatment may result in the loss of an organ. In these cases the first concern of the doctor should be to treat the cancer and the second concern should be organ conservation. If a doctor is dealing with a terminal patient, he or she should be even more empathetic and sensitive towards the feelings of their patient. It’s not just knowledge that is needed for successful cancer treatment but also compassion and care.

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