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Finding A Proton Therapy Center

Proton therapy is the latest process of radiation that allows the therapist to deliver the maximum radiation to the cancer cells while subjecting the surrounding healthy cells to minimum radiation. This therapy is performed with the help of a highly specialized machine, and the effectiveness ofthe therapy primarily depends on the experience and caliber of the therapist. Proton therapy can be lifesaving for patients fighting cancer, and in order to make this therapy easily available to every cancer patient, more and more Proton Therapy Centers are showing up.

Proton therapy centers need to maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest equipment in order to provide the best service which can yield maximum results. These therapy centers also house the most experienced therapists, who can accurately design the “Bragg peak” of the proton radiation, and make the process more effective. These proton therapy centers house renowned oncologists for consultation, and your radiation schedule is planned only after a thorough discussion and examination by the oncologist. Depending on your treatment plans, the therapist activates the proton particles with desired amount of energy to be delivered, and directly targets the radiation to the cancer cells. The process delivers minimum radiation to the surrounding tissues, which enables the therapist to give a higher dose of radiation to the malignant cells.

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