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Dr. Juan Godinez Moderates Summit on Current Innovations in Oncology Care

Irving, TX, Dec 10, 2020 –The emergence of COVID-19 early in the year has caused a health crisis worldwide. This has prompted all health facilities to redefine their methods of care delivery across the board.

A virtual summit was held on October15th to discuss innovations in oncology care. Moderated by Dr. Juan Godinez with Choice Cancer Care, the panel brought together all care providers, CMS, and commercial payors who sought to explore the new normal with virtual care, Telehealth, and reimbursements.

The summit discussed the challenges posed by the crisis, including changes to health practices, virtual care, and its impact on patients’ quality of care. Members deliberated on the policy changes and how they impacted the health system across the United States. Since this new normal may stick around for a while, it is vital that health care providers adapt to the current telehealth demands and navigate new policy landscapes for better patient management.

The rapid adoption of Telehealth, combined with virtual care, has enhanced decision-making and formulation of more innovative ways to support patients who are vulnerable.Health systems and centers have implemented remote patient monitoring and adjusted their workflows to ensure continued, streamlined processes.

The present COVID-19 disrupted era has seen Telehealth helping to minimize risk exposure while still allowing healthcare providers to scale their processes and meet the patient’s virtual care needs.

The summit evaluated how Telehealth is improving the health equity efforts of care providers and how patients and other stakeholders can be engaged to capitalize on its benefits.

The high demand for remote care has helped health systems to embrace this digital transformation competitively. Choice Cancer Care recognizes that the move toward telemedicine has enabled proper patient care in a safe environment. Third-party players will have to embrace virtual care reimbursement as telemedicine becomes a crucial part of the new normal. Hopefully, patients will access full health insurance coverage.

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