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Different Methods Of Prostate Cancer Treatment Texas

There are several treatment options for men with prostate cancer. There is no universal prostate cancer treatment for every man. Before recommending a treatment method, your doctor will consider various factors such as your general health, your age, and the stage of the disease. Getting the appropriate treatment isn’t always a straightforward thing, you might have to incorporate different options. Some of the treatment methods used to combat prostate cancer are:

• Active surveillance- All men are different from each other, in some men, the disease grows at a slow rate that there may be no need for treatment. However, the doctors need to keep an eye on them in case cancer develops and gets worse.
• Radical Prostatectomy- In this method, surgery is carried out to remove the prostate gland and the affected tissue surrounding it.
• Radiation Therapy- In this technique, high doses of radiation such as x-ray are used to destroy the cancer cells.
• Laparoscopic Surgery- A scope or special camera is used to check inside the abdomen, and this type of surgery is known as minimally invasive surgery.
• Hormone treatment and Chemotherapy- Removing, adding, or blocking of hormones to treat prostate cancer is called hormone treatment. Chemotherapy is the use of one or more cancer-fighting drugs. Chemotherapy is used when the disease is recurring or when it has advanced and isn’t responding to treatment.
• Cryotherapy- The use of extremely cold temperate to freeze and destroy cancer cells in the prostate is known as cryotherapy.

There are other options for treating advanced cancer such as Provenge and endocrine therapy. In some cases remedies such as herbs, adopting a healthy diet, and dietary supplements may aid in slowing or treating prostate cancer. Scientists and researchers are working together to find suitable solutions on fighting prostate cancer for the future generation.

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