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Common Sense Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can have many different forms and symptoms for both men and women. For women, it is mostly hereditary. However, all women do have a chance to get breast cancer in their lifetime, as only about 10% of cases are from genetics, while the other 90% can be caused by various factors including lifestyle, your environment, and other causes.

However, most of these causes can be prevented by doing common things, and your risk is dramatically lowered once they are done.

Keep Yourself Healthy

● Keeping a good weight is very important to ensure your body remains healthy, but what is not known is that weight can increase your likelihood of getting breast cancer. The fat can create cancer-causing hormones that can cause the cells in your breast to grow.
● Being overweight can also cause inflammation, which can make hormones get out of control and can cause your immune system to become less effective at protecting you, which will make you a target for disease.
● Also, less alcohol can cause a decrease in risk. Alcohol, like being overweight, can cause the hormone estrogen to get out of control and create an environment for cancer to take root.

Discover Your Breast Density

A high breast density, where more fat than tissue exists in your breasts, can conceal cancer and make the risk of getting cancer 6 times higher than normal. Always ask your doctor if you have dense breasts. If you do, then you might need digital or extra screenings to ensure you can catch the warning signs of cancer early on.
These common tips can not only decrease your likelihood of getting breast cancer but also ensure you remain healthy enough to fend off any other diseases that might try to plague you.

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