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Colon Cancer Is Now Evident Among Young People

The number of people being diagnosed with colon cancer every year has recently increased by 2%. According to ROCKFORD news, the American Cancer Society of doctors has noticed this drift change among persons under the age of fifty-five.

Factors That Cause Colon Cancer 

Colon cancer aka colorectal cancer often begins in the rectum and affects the colon. Some epidemiologists believe that colon cancer is caused mainly by:

 Consumption of too much red meat

 Diet or the type of food you eat


 Mutation (family history)

How to Help Prevent Colon Cancer

 Consume red meat in moderation

 Do exercises and workouts

 Include more green leafy vegetables in your diet

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

 Pain in the left side of the abdomen

 Constipation-a feeling that your bowel doesn’t empty completely

 Unexplained weight loss

 Rectal bleeding (blood in your stool)

 Fatigue (temporary loss of energy)

When to See a Doctor

Many cancer patients experience no symptoms in the early stages of colon cancer. When the signs appear, they also vary depending on the location of cancer in your intestine. 

When you notice a persistent symptom, please see your doctor. Cancer can be treated through radiation, surgery, therapy and drug treatment(chemotherapy).

It is possible to prevent colorectal cancer, and there is a large number of collected works to support this. To help reduce the number of those diagnosed with colon cancer, people and patients at large are advised not to ignore any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms.

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