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Choice Cancer Care Recognized For Outstanding Care

Oncology Medical Center receives highest rating from NCQA

Irving, Texas (March 28, 2018) — Choice Cancer Care in Las Colinas (along with their four other locations) has passed the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s survey. NCQA developed the Oncology Medical Home Recognition program for oncology practices. The Center received an Oncology Medical Home Recognition which evolved from NCQA’s Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Recognition program, which helps facilitate team-based care by recognizing specialists who use the PCMH model to improve collaboration and health care delivery. Choice Cancer Care received a level 3 rating which is the highest level possible. The oncology center was recognized through the PCSP Recognition Program.

Choice Cancer Care is a group of oncology specialists that work to offer personalized treatment plans for each of their patients. The center already held certification from the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative for their excellent quality of care.

About the Recognition

The NCQA explains that this program evaluates and recognizes specialty care practices based on their ability to deliver appropriate, evidence-based care to patients while also focusing on enhanced connections and value. This includes demonstrating particular attention to interactions with primary care providers and other specialists. The NCQA also states that a recognized program must be committed to ensuring that the medical home be the forefront of patient information, primary care administration, and care coordination.

The PCSP standards are divided into 6 categories: track and coordinate referrals, provide access and communication, identify and coordinate patient populations, plan and manage care, track and coordinate care, and measure and improve performance. These standards are the foundation of Oncology Medical Home Recognition. Although oncology practices can earn PCSP Recognition, the Oncology Medical Home program addresses the extra steps involved in using a patient-centered approach to treat patients with cancer. Practices that earn Oncology Medical Home Recognition also earn a PCSP seal.

Receiving this recognition, according to NCQA, requires that all physicians that see a patient work together to provide organized, patient-centered care that includes the patient, along with their family members and other caregivers, in planning the care of the patient and managing the patient’s conditions. These physicians are now extremely distinguished, as only 1 in 6 physicians in the country are practicing in a NCQA-recognized facility.


Choice Cancer Care can be reached through or, from 9 AM – 5 PM on Monday-Friday, at 214-379-2700.

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