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Cancer And Impacts On Other Health Issues

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis impacts your life both physically and mentally. Awareness of these other possible health issues will help you best deal with your prognosis positively and address any additional concerns you may have.

Physical Impacts with Treating Cancer

Treating cancer may involve chemotherapy which has side effects to include: fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite. These issues may result in:

 Weakened immune system.

 Higher risk to infections.

 Heart issues as the strength of the heart muscle may be reduced.

 Weight loss resulting in depletion of nutrients and needed vitamins, impacting the immune system.

 Becoming more sedentary due to weakness and fatigue that could result in hypertension.

Mental Health Factor with Treating Cancer

Treating cancer and the other health concerns can cause anxiety and depression not only for the patient but family members as well. Finding an organization that can serve as a resource in education, treatment options and, overall addressing physical and mental impacts is essential. Organizations like Choice Cancer Care Centers provide options, in particular, treating the whole person, not just the diagnosis.

Awareness and Focus on a Healthy Life

 Be aware of the impacts of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on your body.

 Get the sleep you need to give your body time to recover after therapy.

 Keep your diet in check with proper nutrients which may include a nutritionist to help you with meal planning to adjust to a new diet, based on low or increased appetite.

 Avoid being sedentary. Even if it is a small amount of physical activity such as walking your dog 5-10 minutes a day or taking a stroll with a friend at a local mall. 

  Be aware of depression. Locate a support group to maintain a positive approach to treating your diagnosis and having a healthy mental outlook

Treating your cancer is manageable with the support and right resources. Being aware of other health issues that can arise will help you address and possibly avoid these issues as you focus on regaining your healthy life.

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