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Best Colon Cancer Treatment In Texas

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or rectal cancer refers to cancer that develops in the colon. There are various cancer centers of Texas that have excelled in the treatment of colon cancer. Colon cancer treatment in Texas is known to be very renowned as there are many success stories that are associated with it.

There are various signs of colon cancer that help you to identify this disease at a very early stage. Initial signs of colon cancer could be gastritis, pain in abdomen, continuous cramping, changes in bowel habits or blood in your stool. The risk of this cancer usually increases due to number of factors that include age, personal history of colon cancer, inflammatory intestinal conditions, inherited syndromes, family history of colon cancer, colon polyps, diet, inherited syndromes, hormonal disorder, inactive lifestyle, obesity, an increased use of alcohol and too much smoking.

Colon cancer treatment options are specified below –

Surgery –This is known to be a basic treatment for colon cancer and is normally the first step towards treatment of colon cancer.

Chemotherapy –This is normally done after 1 month of surgery and it is basically the usage of medicines to eliminate the cancer cells.

Radiation therapy –This treatment is basically done with the help of various energy sources like X-ray to kill the cancer cells even after surgery is performed.

A good cancer treatment plan is based upon each person’s needs after a complete evaluation is performed by a doctor and oncologist.

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