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An Aspirin A Day, Might Keep Cancer Away

It use to be an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but now an aspirin a day might help keep cancer away, based on the promising research reported in the medical journal The Lancet.

The new findings about cancer protection came from an analysis of 51 studies involving more than 77,000 patients.

Taking daily low-dose aspirin for three years or more has been found to lower the risk of getting cancer by 24 percent in women and 23 percent in men.

For those who already are taking low-dose aspirin for cardiovascular protection, it’s great news that you could be getting additional benefits in that it may reduce the risk for cancer.

However, daily aspirin therapy is not for everyone, for those with ulcers any bleeding disorders are at risk for bleeding and need to be careful and check with their doctor before taking any new medication.

These findings also found the death rate from cancer was almost 40 percent lower among study participants who took daily aspirin for more than five years. The spread of cancer to other organs was found to be 36 percent lower.

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